About IRHA

The Inter-Residence Hall Association advises area council activities and represents the collective interests of all housing residents. Through our representatives, we ensure that the administration is justly enforcing policies, which will keep our communities peaceful and safe, and that those communities are provided with quality equipment and social programming.

In collaboration with our twelve area governments, we strive to meet the diverse interests of all residents. As such, all of our area branches hold regular meetings, where residents can gain a forum for their ideas. With their residence hall passes, residents can also check out vacuum cleaners and recreational equipment. These passes can also be used to gain free admission to all area government programming events throughout the year.

Meetings are held every Monday at 5:15 P.M. in the Senate Chambers, starting January 22 for the 2018 Spring semester. All interested parties are invited to attend, though voting is limited to members. You can learn more about IRHA and our events by following us on Facebook and Twitter!