IRHA Executive Board

Left to Right: Emily Walters (Secretary), Cole Gabriel (Auditor), Anthony Sanchez (NCC), Carina Krehl (Vice President), Jackie Phillips (President), Carrie Wilkey (Business Manager)

Left to Right:
Emily Walters (Secretary), Cole Gabriel (Auditor), Anthony Sanchez (NCC), Carina Krehl (Vice President), Jackie Phillips (President), Carrie Wilkey (Business Manager)

The IRHA executive board is excited to serve and build a community among the 13 Residence Areas on the University of Florida Campus.



IRHA President, Jackie PhillipsIRHA President

Jackie Phillips – Office Hours: Wednesdays 10am-12pm


Jackie Phillips, the current IRHA President, is a third year Family, Youth, and Community Sciences major, minoring in Educational Studies. She joined IRHA during her first semester at UF and had the amazing opportunity to serve as the 2015-2016 IRHA Secretary. She is excited to continue her involvement in IRHA as the 2016-2017 IRHA President and advocate for the needs and wants of all 8,500 on-campus residents. One of Jackie’s main goals for this year is to continue to create a space within IRHA that brings people together. In her free time, Jackie enjoys reading, volunteering, and shopping.

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IRHA Vice President

Carina Krehl – Office Hours: Fridays 12pm-2pm


IRHA Auditor

Ali Gardezi – Office Hours: Mondays 12pm-2pm

IRHA Business Manager

Yvette Langford – Office Hours: Thursdays 10:30pm-12:30pm


Carina Krehl, IRHA Vice President, is a first year Psychology and Art double major with a minor in Innovation. She is the first Innovation Academy student to ever serve on the IRHA Executive Board. She began in IRHA as Towers Area Government (TAG) Marketing Director and quickly fell in love with housing. She is an artist with a specialization in painting and drawing. She is half Italian and has a passion for Italian art. She rarely sleeps. Carina wants to be a part of making a mark on the University’s campus. It is her goal to make living on campus as enjoyable for every student as it was for her.

IRHA Secretary, Emily Walters

IRHA Secretary

Emily Walters – Office Hours: Tuesdays 2pm-4pm

Emily Walters, the current IRHA Secretary, is a fourth year student double majoring in Microbiology and International Studies with a focus in Africa. Her secretarial duties include heading the Secretary Committee as well as planning socials for IRHA in order to foster camaraderie among its members.  In addition, Emily also maintains a close relationship with Gator Dining Services serving as a liaison for the residents. In this role, she ensures that resident feedback translates into improvements within the dining areas throughout the UF campus. Also within her duties is to oversee the GDS budget and allocate money to the various events that IRHA puts on throughout the year. One of Emily’s main goals for this year is to continue fostering the building of friendship and community within IRHA and on the UF campus. Fun fact about Emily: shes traveled to Africa and speaks some Swahili! 

IRHA National Communications Coordinator, Anthony Sanchez

IRHA National Communications Coordinator

Anthony Sanchez – Office Hours: Mondays 2pm-4pm

Anthony Sanchez, the current IRHA National Communications Coordinator, is a third year Business Administration-Marketing major. He has a strong passion in creating innovative graphic design material, content writing, and seeking new ways to increase engagement on social media platforms. As NCC, Anthony serves as Chair of the Communications Committee, a team of 13 Marketing Directors that serve and market to 8,000+ residents. Furthermore, he also is in charge of selecting, organizing, and leading conference delegations on the National, Regional, and State level. He is very excited to manage IRHA’s social media presence, publicity, and public image this year and can’t wait to meet new IRHA members. When Anthony isn’t booking flights or designing publicity, he enjoys musical theatre, reading, and spending time with family.