IRHA Executive Board

Left to Right: William Petro (Auditor), Ali Gardezi (Business Manager), Anthony Sanchez (President), Shelby Harding (Vice President), Peter Ashley (Secretary), Adam Turner (NCC)



The IRHA executive board is excited to serve and build a community among the 12 Residence Areas on the University of Florida campus.

IRHA President
Anthony Sanchez

Office Hours: Tuesday11am-1pm

Anthony Sanchez, the current IRHA President, is a fourth year Advertising major with a passion for turning residence halls into homes. He joined IRHA during his second year at the University of Florida and served as the 2016-2017 IRHA NCC, earning  esteemed recognition as NCC of the Year on the State, Regional, and National levels. Anthony is excited to continue his involvement as the this year’s IRHA President and advocate for the 8,500 on-campus residents of the University. Anthony strives to make IRHA the greatest it has ever been with the help of his outstanding IRHA Executive Board. In his free time, Anthony enjoys going to trivia nights at Ale House and making new friends to share zinger mountain melts with.



IRHA Vice President

Shelby Harding

Office Hours: Monday 11am-1pm

Shelby Harding, the IRHA Vice President, is a third year double majoring in Microbiology and French and Francophone Studies. She joined IRHA her second year at UF as President of the Keys Governing Body (KGB), where she realized how much she loved being involved in IRHA. Shelby hopes to revamp the organization’s website to make communication within IRHA better than ever, and looks forward to putting on a great Residence Hall Week. When she’s not working on IRHA, Shelby loves to play piano and enjoys being a proud nerd.



IRHA Auditor

William Petro

Office Hours: Friday 11am-1pm

William Petro, the IRHA Auditor, is a second year Economics major.  Will joined IRHA his freshman year as a part of the Hume Area Council (HAC), an experience which inspired him to help develop leadership skills in fellow IRHA members. This year he hopes to streamline the ordering process so that Area Governments can put on amazing events without the unnecessary hassle of paperwork. Although Will is originally from New Jersey, he will rep Tampa all day, and impresses his friends by reciting 90’s Hip-Hop classics.



IRHA Business Manager

Ali Gardezi

Office Hours: Wednesday 11:45am-1:45pm

Ali Gardezi is a Computer Science major and a Business Administration minor entering his third year. He first got involved in IRHA his sophomore by attending the Fall Leadership Conference, where he joined the Keys Governing Body (KGB). As Business Manager, he hopes to strengthen IRHA’s relationship with the Gainesville community, as well as with every student living on campus.  When he’s not studying or finding new ways to bother Anthony, Ali likes to spend time playing video games or go out with his smart and beautiful girlfriend.



IRHA Secretary

Peter Ashley

Office Hours: Wednesday 9:45-11:45am

Peter Ashley, the current IRHA Secretary, is a second year Finance major. He joined IRHA during his first semester at UF as the Treasurer of the old Rawlings Area Council. The Rawlings Area Council (RAC) is where Peter fell in love with putting on programs and interacting with residents. Peter chose to run for Secretary because he enjoys fostering friendships and works to fulfil this goal by planning the various socials IRHA puts on throughout the year. In his free time, Peter plays many different sports and loves to travel — so far he has visited 49 states!



IRHA National Communications Coordinator

Adam Turner

Office Hours: Thursday 1:30-3:30pm

Adam Turner is a second year Journalism major who is serving as IRHA’s National Communications Coordinator (NCC). Originally working in this position, Adam represents the University of Florida in the state, regional, and national housing organizations, in addition to coordinating all marketing for IRHA. One of his main goals this year is to implement programs at UF that garner praise at the national level, as well as to increase the organization’s social media presence. Adam frequently exhibits his values for self-care by napping and hanging out with friends in his free time.