Hume Area Government


The Hume Area Government is a student run organization, dedicated to providing quality services to the residents of the Hume Area. Membership is open to all residents.

In addition to our primary role as social programming coordinators, our executive board members serve weekly office hours. During these fixed times, residents can checkout vacuum cleaners, purchase residence hall passes, and use our recreational equipment.

Meet Our Executive Board!

President: Hannah Litwak

Office Hours Friday 2-4pm

Vice President: Jack Baltz

Office Hours Thursday 6-8pm

Treasurer: Amelia Bunnell

Office Hours Monday 3-5pm

Business Manager: Marisa Turner

Office Hours Tuesday 1-3pm

Secretary: Kaitlynn Friscoe

Office Hours Thursday 2-4pm

Marketing Director: Bridgette Smith

Office Hours Wednesday 4-6pm


General Body Meetings will be starting soon!