Of the Month Awards (OTMs)

OTMs are coordinated through the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) and are ways to tell someone, staff or student, what a fabulous job they have done over the past month. These awards can be for staff members (RA, GHD, RD/AC), a group (MAC, SHO, JAG, Student Senate, etc.) or a program (Smores at your Door, etc.). They are judged on the campus, regional and national level.

Whether you are a student staff member, a professional staff member, an exec board member (JAG, TAG, IRHA, etc.), or a resident – ANYONE can submit an OTM. Think of it as your good deed for the month. Anyone can tell someone they are wonderful!

After OTMs are submitted on the National NRHH website, they are judged by UF NRHH Members and a campus winner is selected in each category. The best OTMs in each category are then submitted by the Vice President of Recognition to be judged on the regional level (SAACURH). On the SAACURH level, regional winners are selected from the campus winners that were submitted. All regional winners are then submitted and judged on the national level (NACURH). On the national level, a national winner is selected in each category. Recognition is provided to the winners at each level.

Deadline: 7th of each month at 11:59pm for the previous month. (Example, July OTMs are due on August 7th)

Questions?: NRHH Vice President of Recognition

Check out the questions to answer on the OTM category pages (shown above)

Click the links below to submit an OTM:

Submit a General Nomination

Submit a Program Nomination

Download this PowerPoint to learn more about writing OTMs: OTMPPT