To build a more inclusive campus and a strong sense of unity among students, IRHA actively seeks to co-program with other student organizations. Most recently, IRHA has co-programmed with large, well-known student organizations and hosted concerts and advanced movie screenings, among other large events.

There are many benefits to co-programming with IRHA. IRHA excels in its ability to effectively publicize events to the almost 8,000 students that live on campus. The NCC can work with each Area Government publicity director to make flyers and posters as well as send emails to everyone that lives in the area.

IRHA also has tons of useful equipment available for student organizations to use at our co-programs. Some of our most popular equipment includes a popcorn machine, a snow-cone machine, and more! Our equipment puts events over the top and makes every event an unforgettable experience. To request equipment and have please fill out this form.

If you are part of a student organization that would like to co-program with IRHA, email the IRHA Secretary, Paris Miller at We would love to co-program with you!